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Amie and Rusty wedding


It was a rainy day in October, and it couldn’t have been better….

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A Labor of Fashion


There was an evening in early summer when I was sitting in Matthew Tyldesley’s backyard discussing future photo shoot concepts.  His backyard was in the process of being re-landscaped.  I mentioned that it would be a great idea to do some type of fashion theme in his yard.  Matt hesitated because he said that his yard was not finished.  My response was that it was perfect, and that the concept would be that the models were doing actual yardwork, but with a very editorial and glamorous style.  That is how our concept began, and the wheels were set in motion….

Photography – Josh Eskridge

For the photography and look of the shots, I wanted to do this set in the middle of the day with harsh sunlight.  I would use high-powered strobes to match the power of the sun.  For all of the sets, I used either a Paul Buff Einstein with a white beauty dish or a ringflash.  This would give me a very spectral light that would provide good detail and contrast and that I could really bring out in Photoshop in a stylized way. As far as composition, I shot wide for most of the sets in order to stay true to the theme.  I didn’t want to disregard the setting by shooting close-ups.  There were plenty of compositional challenges with this….  yard ornamentation, power lines, etc.  I did not intend to photoshop these elements out.  I loved the challenge of harmonizing the model in their settings, but still composing in a way that boldly drew attention to them.

Hair – Matthew Tyldesley

“For this project I wanted to create a look that I thought would work, given the unconventional nature of the editorial. The look was soft, clean and with minimal volume and with soft waves using a 1-inch marcel iron using an off-base placement. The male model’s hair was styled with volume straight back using a Denman brush and gel.  I hope the viewer feels excited, energized and seduced.  Thermal heat-Stylers, as well as a lot of finishing hairsprays were vital for sustaining the shape of the hair, especially when dealing with the heat and humidity on that day. We had a great set of models for this collection and hairstyles were created to compliment each model’s features.”  Matthew

Makeup – Isidro Valencia

“I approached elegance and simplicity in these looks, focusing on the intensity of color. I used dark eyeshadows and dramatic eyelashes, then I used nude lip colors and a touch of blush followed by bronzer all over the body, thus creating a radiant look.”  Isidro

Wardrobe and styling – Matthew, Isidro and Josh

For the outfits, we wanted the swimsuits to be very styled, one-piece suits, that would match our editorial look.  We created a Facebook group page weeks ahead of the shoot and collaborated finalizing the looks.  The swimsuits had to be special ordered, as you would not find these at your local mall.  The shoes were by Steve Madden and Vince Camuto.  For our finalized look we wanted the models to have a very pristine and polished look that would contrast with the manual labor theme that we were going to be portraying.


“A Labor of Fashion” was published in the 2013 “Indian Summer” Issue of Vigorè Magazine.  The issue can be accessed by clicking the link below.   



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Shades of White



Shades of White logo2_wordpress


Shades of White is the result of an intricate collaboration and melding of talents into one creative statement.  The concept started with a general idea, an “all white shoot.” White is the sum of all colors combined.  It’s an absolute. Our goal was to take that absolute and break it apart to show the power of nuance, yet remain bold in expression.

Each individual on my team for this project is each masterful in their own right….

Hair and styling – Matthew Tyldesley – Matthew is an integral part of any shoot that I do with him because of his level of creativity with anything that has to do with hair, and his level of engagement with anything that he commits himself to.

“For Shades of White I wanted the hair to be as diverse as the wardrobe and to really showcase contrast within the theme established by our team.  I spent a month making custom hair extensions to build the shape of the models hair and used pastels extensions placed in varying placements to create dimension.  I also used two of my custom-made wigs that showcase both styling and design.  Hair was coiled around varying styling irons to create texture and form for each look.  I hope the viewer is taken to a place that is dream like, surreal, beautiful and unique.”  Matt

Makeup and styling – Isidro Valencia – I have worked with Isidro Valencia for roughly two years, and I’m always impressed by the unique ways that he can combine colors and his careful attention to detail.

“Sometimes it is hard to match a dark skin just with one shade. The secret is to mix two or three shades to come up with the perfect tone.  Before foundation I applied primer to the models face to help the concealer and foundation glide on smoothly.  The goal in this photo shoot was to push my makeup skills over the top… to make it unique, distinct and bold.”  Isidro

Wardrobe, styling and accessories – Genna Yussman – Genna was the perfect artist to fill this role.  She is known for her ability to create fashion out of any material, which really took this shoot to the next level.

“From the windows, the walls, the ceiling to the floor Shades is a clothing line of Amor!  The ingenuity of producing this series consists of using textiles that can be found in any modern home, but has to have that certain je ne sais quoi.  In creating these very unique garments, stepping outside the box is a must as a designer, and remembering to not stay inside the lines is also important in the evolution of any artist.  Ideas for art come from everything, everywhere, at any given time, and it is only our imagination that allows us to open up that window to let people see what it is that we see.”  Genna

Model – Aubé Jolicoeur – Born and raised in Haiti until she was 9, Aubé has been featured in Vogue Africa, Marlene Haute Couture fashion lookbook, etc.  She has walked in Derby City fashion week and Dayton fashion.  She is known for her runway walk and creative poses.  Modeling is a part of who she is, and it’s a way to express herself.  She will be moving to NYC  later this year to pursue her passion.

Model – Anita Mwiruki – Anita was born in Tanzania, and moved to the US when she was 7.  She recently started modeling and has discovered that it is a way to express herself.  She’s very diverse, and can fit the commercial look with a smile, but also likes to get crazy with hair and makeup with shoots that tell a story.  She also loves fashion, and has started her own fashion blog.  She will be walking in her first show in NYC this year.

“Style is more than just clothes that you wear, but it speaks to who you are.”  Anita

Special thanks to Chris Diaz for assisting with this shoot.


Shades of White appeared in the summer white issue of Vigore Magazine, an international fashion publication, based in New York City.  To access the issue, click this link…