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A weekend of NAHA



It took place on a cold weekend back in December.  I worked with two incredible hairstylists (Liz Lane and Matthew Tyldesley) for their entries into the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA).  It was a long, creative, fun and exhausting weekend.  We had an amazing team of models and the master makeup artist Isidro Valencia on board to make it happen.  The competition to be nominated for anything in NAHA is fierce and is highly regarded.  While we didn’t get nominated for any category, I think we created some great stuff that weekend.  I learned a lot, and will have a slightly different mindset when approaching entries for next year’s competition.


Liz Lane – hairstylist

Category entered – New Hairstylist of the Year

Models – Theresa Krosse, Jessi Neidert and Anita Mwiruki

Makeup – Isidro Valencia

Assistant – Michelle Patterson Gleckler

 liz_lane_image1_facebook 081B9905ps2_blog 081B0233ps3_facebook


Matthew Tyldesley – hairstylist

Category entered – Avant Garde

Models – Anita Mwiruki, Kayla Holts and Megan Ducharm

Dress and designs – Genna Yussman

Makeup – Isidro Valencia

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Isidro Valencia – makeup artist

Category entered – makeup

Models – Jessi Neidert, Theresa Kross and Anita Mwiruki

Hair – Liz Lane

Assistant – Michelle Patterson Gleckler

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